Mrs. Shashi Kiran

House Master

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House Captain


The core value of Jasmine House is to strive for excellence in every endeavour. All students are encouraged to express themselves, and participate in inter-house activities.

The word jasmine is derived from the Arabic word “yasmin,” which means fragrant flower. The emperors of China’s Sung Dynasty (960 to 1279 A.D.) found the fragrance of jasmine immensely enjoyable. In the 1400s, the kings of Afghanistan, Nepal and Persia ordered jasmine planted around their residences. It is believed the Moors introduced jasmine to Spain during the 1600s. Other western European countries like Italy and France quickly embraced jasmine flowers. The only continents without native species of jasmine are Antarctica and North America.

It is believed that Jasminum sambac, Arabian jasmine, was brought to the Philippines from central Asia in the 1700s. Its white, star-shaped flowers captured the attention of the nation’s people. They admired the novel flower that opens at night and has a bud that is more fragrant than the actual flower. It’s little wonder that jasmine has been the national symbol of the Philippines since 1934. Jasmine was chosen to represent purity, simplicity, humility and strength.


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