Mrs. Artee Sharma has been involved in education since year 2000. She is currently working as the Principal of Scholar’s International School, Kangra. She is highly regarded as an effective school educator with an illustrious career in some of the premier institutions of Himachal.
Being an effective educational leader requires a complex set of knowledge, skills, and qualities; and Mrs. Sharma is adept at all! She is a progressive leader who believes that inclusion, integrity and insight are the keys to good administration. She is a firm believer in the infinite potential of young minds he mentors and adheres to the principle and believes education is incomplete without incorporating core values within the system.

She believes in :-

Mrs. Sharma possesses a clear vision and a strong sense of purpose. She is a self driven leader with excellent communication and interpersonal skills. As a person who believes in empowering those around her, Mrs. Sharma is against the idea of of promoting something that she herself does not wholeheartedly believe. She has a passion for discovering unique and compelling ways in which she can improve her environment and herself.


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